Sun and Soon EP

by Cape Disappointment

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This EP was recorded a long time ago. It comes out of a place of longing.


released August 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Cape Disappointment Seattle, Washington

Cape Disappointment is the moniker for Seattle-based songwriter, Jeffrey Martin. He writes "raw, honest, stripped-down" songs about death, and lost love, and all sorts of other things. He's been playing all over the country for the past 4 years now. Everywhere from Chicago, to New York, to Boston, Nashville, and Seattle. ... more

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Track Name: Cynic's Heart
I think of all the lovers
I think of all their pain
it just tears me up inside
I think of all the joy
to let it have it’s way with you
how much it could destroy

Maybe if I would just give up
and let it’s have it way
to break my cynic’s heart

I’ve never felt this way before
I can finally see
that love is something so incredible
not something to be feared
like I’ve always believed
and now I’m going to let it wash over me

I don’t know where to go from here
if I were to say “I didn’t want love, dear”
would you pretend to think that I was right?

maybe if I could just grow up
and hand it all away
maybe if I could just give in
you’d come, and take and break my cynic’s heart

Maybe if I could just stop fighting
and let it go it’s own way
you’d come and take my cynic’s heart away
Track Name: His Heart Can't Freeze
There once was a man who had a dream
every day he woke up with the same feeling
Even though he lived in New Mexico
his dream was to go shovel snow

he said
I’m leavin’ here tomorrow don’t you know
cause something doesn’t feel right anymore
he said “dreams, I’ve got dreams
that I’m goin’ where I’m supposed to be
but faith, I’ve got faith
that I’m goin’ where I’m supposed to be

even when he woke up you could see it
from the tips of his toes down to his spirit
whenever he’d think about that snow
nothing in his heart was feeling cold

no one ever heard from him again
no one ever saw his breath in the wind
all I ever heard was that he got lost
in the snow, but his heart never froze
Track Name: Lost in the Streets of Chicago
And I’m lost in the streets of Chicago
I don’t know how to get through
I can’t see through all the snow fall
and I don’t know how to get to you

I just need
to find my way
back to you
I’ll be there soon

Before I left it seemed so easy
I knew what I wanted to be
now everything has gone confusing
and I don’t know what I’m going to need
Track Name: Soon
waitin’ in the airport for the phone to ring
waitin’ for my transport to bring me back again

I’ll be there soon
I’ll be there soon

Longing for the moon light, I can see your face
bringing up those memories, reminds me of that place

I let you see myself for once and let you see the truth
Comfort conquers reason, and your heart becomes a home
Track Name: A Liar and a Fake
all I ever think about is sex
give it to me now and screw what’s next
I’ll make believe that I believe in God
and I’ll fake it till the world proves me wrong

I’m a liar, and a fake
I will cheat you, just to get my way
(I’m a cheater, make no mistake)

all I ever think about is love
maybe I’ll go and dream that it’s above
above the lies, above responsibility
I wish I knew what it was, a man I wish I could be

When I told you I had Jesus in my heart
I was lying just to play the part
Track Name: You're The Sun
In your arms
you’re the sun
I’m the earth
keep me warm

In your breast
I will find peace
make me new
a better me

Oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

and the pain
that you cause
is like the pain
of child birth

it brings new life
renews all around
it gives me hope
and calms me down

in my heart
there’s only warmth
you’re like the sun
and I’m the earth
Track Name: On An Island
on an island way out in the sea
there’s a girl just waiting there for me
I know that it will work out this time
because it’s time for the sun to shine

so get on a boat
and go
because you
need something new
go into the sea,
go into the sea,
we’ll be free

I’ve sailing on the boat for a long time
I’ve been thinking about you and you make me smile
rocking back and forth for a life time
and never being able to be still

when I get to the beach of that island
you’re gonna greet me with a smile
when I wrap my arms around you
you know that love can be true